Watermonitor Lizard Care – Huge Lizard On The World


Many people consider keeping a watermonitor lizard an animal that is difficult to maintain because it is susceptible to flu. That is not true! You just don’t learn from experience and see what they really need. If you only see patterns and motifs on their backs, you don’t deserve to be called a reptile lover. You only care about someone’s opinion of what you have, but you don’t think about your reptile needs.

Watermonitor Lizard Care

When you keep reptiles, the first rule is that you must know their needs. Watermonitor lizard is a type of varanus that lives in parts of the Southeast Asian region. They are predators that live around swamps, rivers and densely populated settlements. Coexistence between living creatures is the main concept as a social creature.

Before you decide to keep a watermonitor lizard, you need to prepare a cage. Because they are a type of large lizards, you need to give them enough area for them to grow. Nature provides their needs for bathing, and that is what we must provide for them. Never ignore good air circulation and sunbathing areas.

You need to serve regular snacks every day and staple every three days. keeping the temperature of the cage should not be too cold and not be too humid. Give extra care such as rubbing their backs once a week, this helps them expel attached parasites. Cleaning the cages regularly can also keep them healthy.


If you are still hesitant to raise this animal for reasons of death, you should change your mindset. You might be better suited to raising a cat or canary, because their needs are not as complex as raising reptiles. Cheap animal prices are not a reason for not completing their needs. If you find them in your yard, don’t disturb them. You just need to let them be free in nature. Because the first rule NATURE WORK BETTER.

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