Snakehead Fish

Invasive Fish From Asia – Can You Handle It?


Channa Argus is a native fish of Asia. Snakeheads first entered the Maryland ecosystem when a local man ordered a pair of Snakeheads in New York’s Chinatown. In Asia, the fish is believed to have healing powers when eaten.

The man’s sister became ill, so he thought it would be a good idea to get some Snakehead fish for his sister. By the time he got back to Maryland his sister had recovered. So he kept the fish in an aquarium for a while. But then against his better judgment, he released them into a local pond. This is believed to be the first case of Snakeheads being introduced into an American fishery.

Snakehead Fish

So whats the big deal?

Well for starters, this fish is a top-level predator, meaning it has no natural enemies. It reproduces at a rapid rate. They have a voracious appetite, feeding primarily on other fish. … Read More

My Dwarf Neon / Channa andrao

My Channa andrao

Here I try to write down my experience caring for snakehead fish, starting when I saw one type of snakehead fish on one page on the internet, I began to be interested in this predator fish. Channa andrao or neon dwarf is a snakehead species of family Channidae, Order Perciformes, Class Actinopterygii which fills one ecosystem in parts of India.


I started to buy the snakehead in moderate numbers, around 13 I found 3 pairs of males and females that I chose according to me have a good physical condition with a body length reaching 8-10 cm and the rest I made a display in my private gallery channa. In March 2017 the room temperature reached 27⁰C. They were placed in three tanks (a pair of each) without a filtration system and swamp themed.

Observation and Behavior

I replace the water in each tank by reducing … Read More