My Dwarf Neon / Channa andrao

My Channa andrao

Here I try to write down my experience caring for snakehead fish, starting when I saw one type of snakehead fish on one page on the internet, I began to be interested in this predator fish. Channa andrao or neon dwarf is a snakehead species of family Channidae, Order Perciformes, Class Actinopterygii which fills one ecosystem in parts of India.


I started to buy the snakehead in moderate numbers, around 13 I found 3 pairs of males and females that I chose according to me have a good physical condition with a body length reaching 8-10 cm and the rest I made a display in my private gallery channa. In March 2017 the room temperature reached 27⁰C. They were placed in three tanks (a pair of each) without a filtration system and swamp themed.

Observation and Behavior

I replace the water in each tank by reducing … Read More