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Channa Pleuropthalma (Ocellated atau Orange Spotted Snakehead)


Ordo: Perciformes
Famili: Channidae

Sumatera Tenggara; Cekungan Kapuas dan Barito atau Kalimantan

Sungai dan Mangrove

Panjang Standar Maksimum:
16 inci

Ukuran Akuarium:
2 kaki sudah cukup untuk satu spesimen, tangki yang lebih besar diperlukan jika memelihara kelompok.

Perawatan: tempat sembunyi harus disediakan karena ikan ini cukup pemalu.
Tutup yang ideal harus disediakan karena semua Channa Sp. terkenal karena kemampuannya untuk melarikan diri.

Kondisi Air:
Suhu: 22-28 ° C
pH: 6.0-7.5
Kekerasan: 36-357 ppm

Channa pleurothalma merupakan jenis ikan snakehead atau ikan gabus yang biasa di panggil Ocellated Snakehead dan Kerandang Mayang. Nama kerandang mayang merupakan penamaan daerah di kalimantan. Spesies ini hanya hidup di daerah perairan Sumatera dan Kalimantan, baik di sungai kecil maupun rawa rawa yang ada. Ikan jenis ini merupakan ikan predator bagi serangga maupun ikan ikan kecil lainnya yang artinya mereka mempunyai sistem pencernaan karnifora. Ciri khas dari ikan ini memiliki dua sampai … Read More

Watermonitor Lizard Care – Huge Lizard On The World


Many people consider keeping a watermonitor lizard an animal that is difficult to maintain because it is susceptible to flu. That is not true! You just don’t learn from experience and see what they really need. If you only see patterns and motifs on their backs, you don’t deserve to be called a reptile lover. You only care about someone’s opinion of what you have, but you don’t think about your reptile needs.

Watermonitor Lizard Care

When you keep reptiles, the first rule is that you must know their needs. Watermonitor lizard is a type of varanus that lives in parts of the Southeast Asian region. They are predators that live around swamps, rivers and densely populated settlements. Coexistence between living creatures is the main concept as a social creature.

Before you decide to keep a watermonitor lizard, you need to prepare a cage. Because they are a type of large lizards, … Read More

Snakehead Fish

Invasive Fish From Asia – Can You Handle It?


Channa Argus is a native fish of Asia. Snakeheads first entered the Maryland ecosystem when a local man ordered a pair of Snakeheads in New York’s Chinatown. In Asia, the fish is believed to have healing powers when eaten.

The man’s sister became ill, so he thought it would be a good idea to get some Snakehead fish for his sister. By the time he got back to Maryland his sister had recovered. So he kept the fish in an aquarium for a while. But then against his better judgment, he released them into a local pond. This is believed to be the first case of Snakeheads being introduced into an American fishery.

Snakehead Fish

So whats the big deal?

Well for starters, this fish is a top-level predator, meaning it has no natural enemies. It reproduces at a rapid rate. They have a voracious appetite, feeding primarily on other fish. … Read More

My Dwarf Neon / Channa andrao

My Channa andrao

Here I try to write down my experience caring for snakehead fish, starting when I saw one type of snakehead fish on one page on the internet, I began to be interested in this predator fish. Channa andrao or neon dwarf is a snakehead species of family Channidae, Order Perciformes, Class Actinopterygii which fills one ecosystem in parts of India.


I started to buy the snakehead in moderate numbers, around 13 I found 3 pairs of males and females that I chose according to me have a good physical condition with a body length reaching 8-10 cm and the rest I made a display in my private gallery channa. In March 2017 the room temperature reached 27⁰C. They were placed in three tanks (a pair of each) without a filtration system and swamp themed.

Observation and Behavior

I replace the water in each tank by reducing … Read More

Pemeliharaan Watermonitor Lizard – Translate to Bahasa

Opini Tentang Watermonitor Lizard

Banyak orang -orang menganggap memelihara watermonitor lizard merupakan hewan yang sulit untuk di pelihara karena mudah terserang flu. Itu tidaklah benar! anda hanya tidak belajar dari pengalaman dan melihat apa yang sebenarnya mereka butuhkan. Jika anda hanya melihat pola dan motif di punggung mereka, anda tidak layak disebut sebagai pecinta reptile. Anda hanya peduli dengan opini seseorang terhadap apa yang anda miliki, namun anda tidak memikirkan kebutuhan reptile anda.

Watermonitor Lizard Care

Ketika anda memelihara reptile, aturan pertama adalah anda harus tau kebutuhan mereka. Watermonitor lizard merupakan jenis varanus yang hidup di sebagaian negara wilayah asia tenggara. Mereka merupakan predator yang hidup di sekitaran rawa, sungai maupun pemukiman yang padat penduduk. Hidup saling berdampingan antara sesama mahluk hidup merupakan konsep utama sebagai mahluk sosial.

Sebelum anda memutuskan untuk memelihara watermonitor lizard, anda perlu untuk menyiapkan kandang. Karena kadal ini merupakan jenis kadal besar maka anda perlu memeberikan mereka … Read More

How Gecko Become a Pet

Whereas it’s planning to be a fun-filled journey, you would like to try to to sure things ever day to create certain that your pet remains healthy and happy.

In exchange of the enjoyment it brings you, you actually wish to provide the love back by providing it with all its wants.The best issue concerning geckos is that you just haven’t got to pay such a lot time overseeing them. How a Gecko Can Become a Pet?

They are not like cats and dogs that you need to bathe. You just have to make sure that your pet is given the correct amount of food.

Nonetheless, it’s still planning to take a touch little bit of it slow. Therefore if you are a terribly busy individual that you do not even notice enough time for yourself, you mustn’t have a lizard. 

How a Gecko Can Become a Animal Pet?

However if you are willing to try to … Read More