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About Us.

We build this site because of our interest in the behavior of the animals around us. We open discussion forums related to pet care and adoption.

Our Site.

We opened this discussion since 2016

We collect data by observation and open discussion sessions. We just want humans to get to know animals around them, so that relationships can be better.

Of course we do not support in any form whatsoever to the destruction of ecosystems for personal or industrial scale. Ecosystems are ancestral inheritance that we should guard well, not to be damaged in order to satisfy personal desires.

Our Focus

We invite to get to know and care since 2016.

We always focus on researching the habits of animals ranging from reptiles, mammals, birds and fish. We always open our minds to discussions on how to meet the needs of animals and how to treat them right.

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Our Policy

We always appeal to the public to always treat animals appropriately, as well as minimize animal abuse that often occurs around us.

Our Core Values

How could nature be nice to us, if we didn’t treat them well too. What we plant will always turn back to us.

Nature is Better

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We always care about our environment, where in fact they will look after us, that is the kind of relationship we hope for.


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And you will learn, nature is better.

Ujar Adi Satmata

Founder / Observer of Animal Behaviour


Founder / Observer Animal Adaptation